Intelligent Control, Ultimate Experience

Live preview via dedicated Wi-Fi

Even when your Xplorer flies at a height of 120 m or 500 m away, you can easily preview your photos on your mobile device. You can also select photos to wirelessly download to your mobile device. Enjoy immediate access to share your photos online, no connection to a computer required.

‘Follow Me’ one-touch smart snap

Focus on your activity and leave the recording to your Xplorer. Simply fix the altitude and distance so your Xplorer stays at this position. Select the ‘Follow Me’ feature in the app and choose the object you want to follow.

Intelligent Follow Snap, just a click to lock

Locate the object you want to follow onscreen, draw a box onscreen in the app and FollowSnap will track and follow. This results in unique recordings because the image recogntion will locate your selected object and follow its moves.

Fly up to 16 Preset Waypoints

With your smartphone you can program a flight path with our 16-way points Ground Station system. When installed, your Xplorer automatically follows the chosen flight path.

Return home

To ensure an enjoyable and safe flight, your Xplorer will automatically return to its takeoff location in case of lost connection between the drone and the remote control, or when the battery is low.