Experience the future with XIRO's unmatched flight control

Enjoy full control and live preview thanks to the improved flight control system.

Flight TimeSpeedHeight Camera(V Kit)

Safe flying

Xplorer’s distinctive shape increases stability in air.

Diagonal Motor-Motor MeasurmentMax Tilt AngleHeight

GPS-assisted hovering, accurate and safe

The innovative built-in antenna has a simple design. Flying has never been easier thanks to the smart flight assistance and auto-hovering functions. The automatic takeoff/landing feature also helps you to experience a safe and enjoyable flight.

Vertical Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode)Horizontal Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode)

Outstanding and safer flight performance

Centrally positioned, the X-shaped module with its built-in high-precision sensors and IMU chip, effectively reduces the vibrations experienced during flight and enhances the safety of the drone.

Longer lifespan, improved quality

The 5200mAh replaceable smart-flight battery provides up to 25 minutes flight time. Thanks to its smart control technology, the remote control vibrates when the battery level is low to alert you on time.

BatteryFlight Time

Become a pro

The advanced 3-axis stabilized gimbal technology allows you to fly like a professional.The Xplorer gimbal will eliminate vibrations caused by wind or maneuvers of the drone. The built-in image transmission system shows a live preview to ensure a controlled and safe flight.