Powerful XPLORER upgrade

Upgraded flight controls, improved flight stability, detailed designs,

and ergonomic features have all been integrated within the XPLORER 4K, providing you with the best handling experience.

Modular design with infinite possibilities

The modular design of XPLORER 4K allows accommodation of future upgrades and add-ons.

More stable than ever

XPLORER 4K is equipped with a second generation XIRO flight control system to enable even

more stable flights, greater precision in handling, smarter controls and safer flying.

The in-built IMU chip and high-precision sensor minimize instability caused by challenging environments.

1.2-km HD image transmission and complete lag elimination

All-new WIFI image transmission technology is used, extending image transmission range of XPLORER 4K to 1.2 km.

720p HD aerial photography preview brings to your eyes the rich colors and fabulous details of the world seen from above.

Enjoy flying with multiple smart modes

One-button takeoff and landing mode enables a smooth and easy flight experience.

Simply press the return button and the XPLORER 4K will automatically return to its takeoff location.

A low-power sensor also activates auto-return to ensure flight safety at all times.

Set 16 way-points to plan your flight in a single setup

XPLORER 4K allows you to program a flight path with the 16-way points ground station system.

Once set the XPLORER 4K will follow the chosen flight path.

Intelligent control, excellent grip

Compact and intuitive handling with comfortable tactile silicon and vibration signals make this remote control very convenient.

The advanced two-way wireless technology offers a reliable connection between the remote control and the XPLORER 4K.

The 5 GHz control range of the remote can reach up to 1000 meters in open areas.