Unleash your creativity

The XIRO Xplore app has been improved to allow an enhanced flying experience. In just a few clicks, you can fly, record and share your creations in real time on all major social media platforms.

Record and share your creations in real time on all major social media platforms.

|5 intelligent flight modes |One-click sharing| Remote regulation | Live preview|

Share your best creations

Videos are automatically synchronized with your mobile device. You can easily share them on all major social media platforms seconds after shooting recording.

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Smart flying evolves to the next level

Evolving from fully manual operation to semi-automatic control is a major step forward in UAV history.

Thanks to XIRO's poweful intelligent flight control system and the XIRO Xplore app, various intelligent flight modes can be selected.

Just press the intelligent flight button and let your Xplorer 2 do the work.

Just simple steps to preset tracks

Follow Snap

By activating the Orientation Lock, the controls will be set to be relative to the current path of Xplorer 2.

Orientation lock

This easy navigation allows the drone to fly in a set direction as it flies alongside moving objects or scenes.
By setting multiple waypoints, the Xplorer 2 will automatically fly along them smoothly, so that you can focus on controlling the camera and achieve the best recording effect.


Fix your controls to be relative to the Home Point. Easily pull back on the control stick to bring the aircraft back home, or push forward to fly farther away, no matter which way it is facing.

One-key reture home

Set a specific point of interest such as a building, an object or a location, and Xplorer 2 will continuously circle around it while you capture the perfect photos and videos.

Surround POI